How to address climate change

Therefore, friends, So far we have learned the meaning and implications of climate change. In what way climate change will affect the human life and natural world on earth and so on. We have also understood the reasons of climate change and global warming. Now we will try to learn the ways in which we can save and protect ourselves, and our earth from the effects of climate change.

Worldwide the scientists and scholars propose two way of dealing with climate change. One is to try to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, the other is to learn to live and adjust with the changes brought about by climate change. The first way is called Mitigation and the second is called Adaptation.

Mitigation of global warming is generally meant as taking actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions aimed at reducing the extent of global warming. Most proposals at mitigation center on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reducing energy use and switching to cleaner energy sources. Newly developed technologies including cleaner fuels such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, nuclear power, tidal and ocean energy, geothermal power, and wind power are aimed at countering continued greenhouse gas emissions.

What is meant by adaptation
The IPCC 2001 report defines adaptation as “adjustments in ecological, social or economic systems in response to actual or expected stimuli and their effects or impacts. This term refers to changes in processes, practices and structures to moderate potential damages or to benefit from opportunities associated with climate change”. Adaptation hence involves adjustments to decrease the vulnerability of communities, regions, and nations to climate variability and change and in promoting sustainable development.


published date:September 15, 2014
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