Art & Craft

Allow your imagination to run wild by using scrap in a creative manner.

(i) Pen holders

  • Collect the scrap bottles like cold drink cans of the area around.
  • Cut the lower portion neatly
  • Decorate it artistically to make pen holders.

(ii) Wood hanger making (under parental guidance)

  • Collect the broken hangers of your household.
  • Hammer the hangers on a wooden platform to make a beautiful coat rack.


(iii) Make a birdhouse from an empty shoe box:

  • Take a large sized cardboard shoe box
  • Cut out holes in the sides and paint the box with acrylic colors that are waterproof.
  • Place it in your verandah or simply hang it from the branch of a tree with the help of a string.
published date:May 26, 2014
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