Project Report - Indigenous Knowledge in Practice Confirmation of Climate Change & its effects through Practitioners’ Knowledge related to Agriculture

Crop cultivation in India is primarily based on the traditional knowledge that ispassed on from generation to generations. The traditional knowledge systems arebased on wisdom, experience, often tested over a long period, adapted to local cultureand environment. Sometimes these are hard to accept for the scientific communities. Inthe race of commercialization of agriculture and modern crop cultivation practices, theage-old traditional practices of crop cultivation gradually lost the significance. Thus, thedocumentation of adaptation measures based on traditional practices for crop cultivationis need of the hour. Globally, there is wide recognition that climate change adaptationshould be integrated with national development to enable coherence and synergy withthe sustainable development of a country. Hence, it is imperative to document theindigenous knowledge of crop cultivation and establish a correlation that the climatechange has its effect on shifting / deviation of agricultural activities. A research projectwas executed at IIFM in five districts of Madhya Pradesh with DST grant through StateKnowledge Management Centre on Climate Change (SKMCCC), EnvironmentalPlanning & Coordination Organization (EPCO), Bhopal. The study attempted todocument the peoples’ practical knowledge and developed language for communicationto make them understand the climate change is influencing agricultural activities andsuggested a long-term strategy based on traditional knowledge for attaining stability inagriculture.Based on the study simple but robust observations for crop cultivation weredocumented which could be further investigated at the agricultural universities; researchstations and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVKs) so that a firm scientific base could be builtbased on the traditional practices in addition to adaptation of modern technologies ofcrop cultivation.The outcome of the study, once disseminated, helps the farmers to betterunderstand the climate change and the strategies required at their level to tackle theclimate change consequences.

Resource Type:Research Reports
published date:May 30, 2017
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