Science Express Climate Action Special At Madhya Pradesh - 2017

The Science Express –Climate Action Special train in its ninth phase was scheduled from 17 Feb to 8 Sept 2017 during which it was exhibited at 68 railway stations across India, covering 19000 km. In Madhya Pradesh, the halt of the science express was at Amla, Betul, Habibganj, Bina & Khajuraho railway stations from 04 Aug to 14 Aug 2017. The aim of the exhibition was to create awareness among various sections of society, especially students, as to how Climate Change can be combated through mitigation and adaptation measures and also to provide opportunity to generate dialogue and discussion.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change advised State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change (SKMCCC), Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization (EPCO), to coordinate the event at state level for greater publicity through advertisements in electronic and print media for the wider participation of the students and other stakeholders in the event. Besides this, it was also advised to organise various events at respective stations.

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published date:August 17, 2017
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