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Master Nachiket Jhala a student of Eternal School of Studies, Shajapur, M.P. has been awarded with best Research paper at the 22nd National Children’s Science Congress-2014 held in Bangalore in December, 2014.  
Nachiket, presented his research findings on the “Effect of Rising Temperature on our Regional crops & its Management” in Shajapur district which he had submitted under the theme of “Understanding Weather and Climate” with reference to agriculture.  
In view of his scientific aptitude and the recognition he received at the highest Children’s Scientific Event in the country, he was invited to the State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change at Bhopal to learn about his research topic and explore possibilities of providing support to him. 
In this context, Nachiket Jhala made a presentation at the State Knowledge Centre and explained his research topic, methodology, process and findings.  He said that in this project he was accompanied by 4 more students of his school and together as team they conducted this research study for about 6 months under the guidance of Dr. Rajeev Umath, Scientist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Shajapur. 
Executive Director, EPCO Shri Ajatshatru Shrivastava congratulated the 12 year old student Nachiket on his laurels and assured him, his parents and mentor Dr. Rajeev Umath all possible help in order to maintain scientific aptitude of this budding scientist and continue the spirit of inquiry which made him to take up this challenging topic.
Nachiket also met Dr. Pramod Verma, Director General of M.P. Council of Science & Technology (MPCOST) and appraised him about his research initiatives.  Director General, MPCOST also congratulated him and assured all possible support from MPCOST.
A certificate of appreciation was presented to Nachiket in recognition of his endeavor and achievement.
published date:January 30, 2015
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Master Nachiket Jhala a student of Eternal School of Studies, Shajapur, M.P.