Kymore Cement Works bags Earth Care Award-2014

New Delhi: The efforts of the corporate sector in Madhya Pradesh to promote sustainable growth shot into limelight when Kymore Cement Works (KCW) won the Earth Care Award-2014 for ‘Green House Gases Emission Reduction in Industry’. KCW is a cement plant owned by ACC Limited (erstwhile The Associated Cement Companies Limited), one of the largest producers of cement in India.

The award recognises Kymore Cement Works for its energy saving measures to optimise plant efficiency and primarily acknowledges their use of alternative fuel resources and raw material management including reforming management practices for promoting energy efficiency. Kymore Cement Works has been acknowledged for using industrial waste, expired chocolates and face creams as alternate fuel in the production of clinker (a cement intermediate) which has led to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 4% reduction in the use of coal energy by the company.

Greenhouse gases are crucial in maintaining a balance between radiations entering and leaving the earth and any variation in their levels in the atmosphere.  An increase in greenhouse gas emissions contributes to global warming. A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions significantly lowers the threat of global warming and serves as a strong counter to climate change.

The Earth Care Awards, launched in 2007-08 as a joint initiative by the JSW Foundation, the social development arm of JSW Group and The Times of India, seek to recognise efforts by industries, communities and individuals in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation with respect to water resources, land use, land use change and forestry. The initiative has successfully managed to bring all countries in the SAARC region under its ambit and is thus committed to recognise efforts to counter climate change both at the organisational and individual level.

The awards for 2014 reflect India’s priorities towards fostering domestic level action and rewarding initiatives involving community-based participation. Other Earth Care awardees included a leading IT firm Tata Consultancy Services for implementing Green IT interventions across its datacenters as well as making efforts towards biodiversity conservation and e-waste management, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India for community led actions on mitigation and adaptation to climate change and Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems for innovation in climate protection.

 – OneWorld Foundation India

published date:June 20, 2014
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