Animal Husbandry & Fisheries

Animal husbandry is an important sector in the context of Climate Change. Madhya Pradesh has 14% of total cattle population of the country. As of cattle census 2007, the total number of livestock in the State stood at 40.6 million. Population of poultry birds stood at 7.3 million. Fishery is one of the mainstays of livelihood of economically weaker sections in the State. About 3.14 lakh hectare water areas have been brought under fish culture. Animals are equally susceptible to the impacts of Climate Change as human beings. Increased vector borne diseases, reduced productivity, impacts of heat and water stress etc are the threats to health of livestock. Challenge lies in breaking the beliefs and training the communities about the benefits of indigenous species of cattle, their housing requirements based on the changing climatic conditions, and most importantly feed and fodder in order to maintaining their health and productivity. Fishery, livelihood of economically weaker sections, is also threatened because of Climate Change. Increasing temperatures will not only impact the availability of fish seeds but would also adversely affect the entire fish productivity. It will also affect the suitability of fish species to particular temperatures of water. Growth retardation of inland fish species is predicted. It will also bring in a shift in the breeding period of fishes. 

Key strategies:  

  • Ensure availability of adequate feed, fodder and water for livestock in drought and flood conditions
  • Enhance capacity for disease surveillance, forecast, monitoring and management
  • Ensure adequate housing and dedicated water bodies for livestock to overcome heat stress
  • Promote rearing of indigenous species that can adapt to changing climatic conditions
  • Promote use of livestock waste for use as organic manure
  • Create infrastructure for processing, storage and transport of livestock products
  • Develop best practices of fish rearing suitable for different agro-climatic zones of MP
  • Creating fish seed banks for easy availability to fishermen
  • Impetus to Climate Change relevant research and development
  • Capacity building- institutional and personnel to integrate Climate Change concerns in planning

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